Our system monitors your account 24/7 and detects your latest posts in less than a minute. Likes start delivering to your posts immediately after they are detected.
Automatic like delivery is delivered to all your posts everyday!
No, we can’t detect new posts on private accounts. In order to receive automatic likes, users must have their accounts set to PUBLIC.
Absolutely not! All we need is your username.
No, our system will not get your account banned or disabled. None of our customers has ever been banned as a result of using our services.
You can cancel anytime you want. Just let us know before your next billing cycle and we will make sure you are not charged again.
We do not automatically send likes to your older posts. However, if you let us know which posts you want to send likes to, we can get it done!
Absolutely! You can adjust how fast or slow you want to receive likes. Depending on your personal preference, speeds range from Instant to 2 hours.